Vlog 8: Sunrise on the Top of the World

I was supposed to make a narrative film for my senior exit class this quarter (10 weeks), but everything that could have gone wrong did. I ended up spending 7 weeks the script and the end project was beyond cringe. Had to recast a few times because actors, who are also busy students, quit unexpectedly, which I don’t blame them for.

So I ended it up using the footages I had and made this documentary and turned it in.

Vlog 4: Election Night (November 8th 2016; Leaving UCSC T-585 DAYS)

this is just a documentary, everything that you hear from the speakers doesnt represent my own opinion, i was just there to experience a big chapter of American history. And I was very excited to experience first hand instead of reading about it in the paper like everyone else back home.

please don't crucify me for what is said in the video 

Vlog 1: A Dinning Conversation in Cowell (October 18 2016; T-605 DAYS)

Finally decided to something that I have always wanted to do --- vlogging. This year is my third year in University, fifth year in the United States, and possibly the beginning of my final two years of my adventure in the United States. I should have start doing this from day 1 when I landed in this country, but it's better to start to document everything now than never.